Steklo i Keramika (Glass and Ceramics). Monthly scientific, technical and industrial journal


ISSN 0131-9582 (Online)

Steklo i Keramika (Glass and Ceramics)

Monthly scientific, technical and industrial journal

Registered by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications, registration number ПИ No. 77-9904 dated September 24, 2001.


The journal was founded in 1925 to "... promote close unity of science, technology and production, as a platform for the exchange of experience and opinions on the most important scientific, industrial and economic issues."


During all the years of its existence, the journal has lived and developed in close association with science and industry.


In 1975, for merits in promoting the achievements of science and technology, the best practices of teams in the glass, ceramics and porcelain-faience industries, the "Steklo i Keramika" (Glass and Ceramics) journal was awarded a Certificate of Honor from the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.


The journal "Steklo i Keramika" (Glass and Ceramics) also has many other awards and diplomas, including for active assistance in the preparation and holding of international exhibitions.


Highly qualified specialists and scientists, many domestic and foreign firms cooperate with the journal.


The journal  has always been and remains a platform for everyone associated with glass and ceramics.


For many decades the journal "Steklo i Keramika" (Glass and Ceramics) has been translated and republished in English ("Glass and ceramics", see here).

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